At INTI International University (INTI-IU), Research has been designated as

(a) One of the core academic missions for academic staff. 

(b) A support to other core academic missions.

(c) One of the critical success factors for enhancing academic reputation, achieving self-accrediting status and university status.

The Office of Research and Development (ORD), Academic Affairs Division, is responsible for the central administration of research mission of INTI International University (INTI-IU). The Office is headed by an Associate Vice President (AVP), who reports to the Deputy President. The AVP is also the Chair of the Research, Consultancy and Publication Committee. This Senate Committee is responsible for the policies and procedures for research; sets the research direction and implements research strategic plan of the university.  

Research, Consultancy and Publication Committee
Chair - Assoc. Prof. Dr. Lau Chee Kwong
Member - Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ang Aik Hooi
Member - Ms. Alyssa Tan Guan Ching
Member - Prof. Dr. Khin Maung Win
Member - Dr Chin Sze Kim
Member - Ms Cassie Po Jiang Ling
Member - Mr. Manickaraj Nagarajan
Member - Mr. Steven Tamil Chellvan
Member - Mr. Chris Chow Tai Hee

Research Strategic Plan 2010-2014

With the aim to be a full-fledged university in the near future, INTI-UC has established a Research Strategic Plan 2010-2014. 

Research Vision
To be a renowned teaching university in Malaysia with strong emphasis on quality research.

Research Mission
To achieve at least 30% in the MyRA score